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End of an Era

by The Weekend kids

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Minds are gonna have to change. We cannot breathe this way, if they choke out the words we say. Is this what’s necessary? Our hearts our heavy, our knees are weak. I can’t open my eyes cause there’s something wrong. Maybe it’ll pass but who knows how long. All I know is things are burning to the ground. Can’t say two words without being wrong. I’d show the point but you’re too far gone. What’s worse? The act or the the collective thought that’s it’s ok. Do we trust things they say and just let it all go to waste? Can we speak out of turn instead of watching all the bridges burn?
You say it’ll be the last time today. You’re gonna save yourself and fix the holes you’ve made. Oh, but it might be too late now. We can’t go back to what we were. Wherever you are I hope you don’t lose yourself to this. The hardest part of this is still ahead. These things are never easy to let go, so please, we gotta figure it out, figure it out. They want everything to be okay but take a look around. There’s nothing left to save now. Things will never be the same. In the night, we’ll see, the shadows of our doubts. Was it right for me to never really care about the things you said? Cause they were always lies to me. But it hurts to think, you’ll never look to me and say. Wherever you are I hope you don’t lose yourself to this. The hardest part of this is still ahead. These things are never easy to let go, so please, we gotta figure it out, figure it out.
30 Nothing 03:47
Are we the kids, we used to be? or are we mourning the deaths of everything we were? I think it’s safe to say, I’ll never be in this alone. Never quite a time like this, to really let yourself go. I hear the sounds, and the voices. I’ll say it till my face turns red, don’t you ever let me die like this. I’ll fight it till my knuckles bleed, will I ever make it out alive? I think it’s safe to say, I’ll never be in this alone. Do you know? What it’s worth? Sometimes I can’t tell. So it goes, this is it, what’s the point? I’m trying like hell.
Thick Skin 03:00
Coming back from winter, it always takes a little time to figure out just where my heart went on those February nights. The season seems to die. It’s too cold to go outside. I wanna take all that I can with me before I forget what was mine. And all these hopes dreams, and all this wishful thinking, it always fails me and it always will. Maybe we’re lost in some confusion with ourselves. It’s why we never wanna leave. Maybe we’re beat and broken, but our skin’s too thick, skin’s too thick to bleed From the car mirror, I don’t recognize the streets and all the people that have come and gone, strangers in my home. Mistakes we’ve made, mistakes we’ve learned, I cannot take away with me, before, I forget what was lost.
I learn from mistakes you’ve made. I learn from bad ideas, and promises you break. One day this world will end, can’t wait to turn you away. Gonna leave it and it never felt better, pretty sure it’s safe to say. No matter who you are you don’t make me who I am. Try to make it true, good luck, before death becomes your friend. See you later fairweather friends, it was nice to know you. Couldn’t say it better than you said it before. Well I never knew you like I thought I did. You burn the bridges you make. You burn down everything, that you take away. I think they’re catching on, there’s no need to say it again. Gonna leave it and it never felt better, pretty sure it’s safe to say. Don’t count on good times to pick you up, we’ve all been there we’ve had enough. This time it all comes clear. Dead ends and some things never change.
FOF SOS 03:16
It’s on the break down, I’m seeing signs of it now. Hold on to something so we can get out somehow. It’s not the first time that we’ve let it all out. Will this be the end? what are we talking about? Slow, slow it down. This is it, this is what we need. These things are buried underground. I’m gonna go down with this, sink or swim, but I won’t forget all the songs we sang. I see the light you have is gone and I won’t regret everything we’ve known. So take the mask off, the point is not even there. The words you’re saying now, it’s like it’s not even fair. It’s not the first time, that we’ve all been let down. We need to save ourselves, and find a way out somehow.
Let’s set the tone right with these words I write. I’m trying to take the steps to put my mind at rest. As I float away, but honestly, I might never come back again. Is it making sense now? With everything I am. Just ask yourself, is this the way we start over? As I fade away, but honestly, I might never come back. I feel like a stranger inside my skin and I feel like the darkness is creeping in.
Hold Fast 03:39
I’m on this road again. I pray to God I make it to the end. These walls they drive me crazy, but they drive me to where I wanna be. And I don’t know where you are but I’m alone. This path I’m on it takes me far from home. Hold fast, keep your head above the water and you’ll see, you wouldn’t give it up for anything. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need every bit of it. Don’t wait up, I’m gonna be at this all night. I think of home again. The love I’m missing I just can’t pretend. The letters and these phone calls. This distance puts up these stone walls.
Close the doors, end the show, call up everyone you know. I missed the ending but at least I’ll come around again. I didn’t know where you were at, all the good things just don’t last. When does the good fight end up fighting back again? And these are strange days. Holding out for something better, then it’s gone. Regret the times I thought we’d live forever and meanwhile, you’re treading water just to keep yourself alive. And I missed out when you finally said goodbye. Here we go, start again, another year mapped out and spent. Saw it all but I’ve got nothing left to say to you, on where we are, who we’ve been, sometimes I wish that it would end. It’s no one’s fault, we gotta pick up and move on. Sometimes I wonder if you’re still here, if anything for meaning. If everything had meaning then we’ll be okay. And everybody’s got their reasons, tell me how to keep them, tell me how to fix it and we’ll be okay
No Coast 03:30
Caught in the middle despite all of my plans. Sixty to zero. Stuck in the my own head. Though nothing has changed much, spent an hour just to adjust. Checking my pulse and writing my intro. Say no to the coast and everything I know. I’m on my own, but the sun don’t seem so golden when you’re gone. I now belong to the ghosts that settle in my bones I’m under oath. Though my hands don’t hold my words like they used to. I’m not leaving, God knows I’ve tried to walk away but you keep pulling me back up. They say count all your blessings. I say count them when you’re dead. What matters is now cause nothing is certain. It’s what happens to freedom, you spend more than you’re owed. My pockets are empty, writing my outro. Pull myself from crowd, throw my doubts out the window.
Breathe in the dust that they left behind. They can’t begin to take away our memories. Let it burn to the ground. They’ll never build it up the way we wanted it. Farewell my friends, it’s the end of an era, sing it together. Again and again. We’ll shout them out. The songs of our era, sing them together. Again and again Wake up admit it, the end’s the beginning. We’ll build again, this state that we’re in. How did this happen, was it for nothing. The state that we’re in, we’ll build again Will you still remember me?


released August 11, 2019

Recorded by The Weekend Kids at Little Busters
Mixed and Mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios


all rights reserved



The Weekend kids Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton Pop Punk

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